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Selling Socks for Down Syndrome Awareness

Wear socks that reflect your personality from BROCK’S SOCKS. Based in Walhalla, South Carolina, we sell socks in various colors and prints. Our aim is to promote Down syndrome awareness and fund the college tuition of Brock Chappelear, the son of Dan and Lori Chappelear, who has Down syndrome and is currently a freshman at Clemson University.

What Makes Us Unique

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I Am Brock, and Yes, God Gave Me 3!

  • In my 21st chromosome, I have 3; you only have 2!
  • That means I have a genetic disorder.
  • I have extra personality and compassion.
  • It takes me a little longer to learn.
  • Sometimes it’s hard to understand what I say.
  • I am a little shorter than most people my age.
  • I have signature eyes.
  • My heart has a bi-cuspid aortic valve (impressive, huh?).
  • My heart also has a very visible cross in it.
  • I have hopes and dreams just like you.
  • I can do many things, and I would like a job.
  • I know what I don't know, and sometimes I'm a little embarrassed.
  • I want to be invited.
  • I want acceptance.
  • I don't judge, and my love is unconditional.

Mission Statement

I am an entrepreneur! Through BROCK’S SOCKS, my plan is to fund my college education at Clemson University. Upon graduation, my plans are to donate a portion of my proceeds to allow for others to attend Clemson LIFE  {Learning is For Everyone} Program.

--Brock Chappelear

Get to Know Our Family

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